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Semi-Dead: Season 1 Finale!

Semi-Dead Episode 6: "Let's Get It Poppin' " from Semi-Dead on Vimeo.


Semi-Dead Episode 6: "Let's Get It Poppin' "
Things in the apartment will never be the same. Secrets are revealed as a visitor with penchant for random acts of violence and a connection to Chris' past pays an unexpected visit to him and Joe.

Semi-Dead Episode 5: "Six Months Ago"



A look back six months before the start of Episode 1. Not much has changed...or has it? Joe comes up with an unusual new zombie security system while Chris' day goes from bad to worse when the cable TV goes out.

Happy Birthday George Romero!

The legend himself turns 70 today! Back in 1968 George Romero took the film world by storm and launched the zombie craze with the original "Night of the Living Dead." Still going strong, he's been churning out quality horror for the better part of four decades - most recently with the soon to be released Survival of the Dead.

Clearly all of us at Semi-Dead are indebted to this man, but his influence has gone beyond horror and zombies Independent filmmakers of all genres should appreciate this man's pioneering efforts.

We lift our decayed arms and salute you Mr. Romero!




Here's a great interview with him from Showtime's Masters of Horror documentary.




Isolated Score Scene from Ep. 2

I still can't believe we got an amazing composer like Andrea Chang working on our tiny little show. Between her and the guys at Detroit CYDI - Well I just have no words.

One of the special features we've been developing for the DVD is an isolated score track for all six episodes. Here's a preview of what it'll be like.

A scene of episode 2 with only the music. Enjoy! And let us know what you think!


Help Send Semi-Dead to The Streamy Awards!

Hello Fans!

The 2010 Streamy Awards are currently accepting nominations.

For those who haven't heard of them think of the Streamys as the Golden Globes or Oscars or [Insert your favorite award show here] but for web series.

Streamys, that's a cool name. Kinda makes you think about blood...or streaming Web video if you're a not a horror person.

We're reaching out to all of our fans and friends to help us get an official nomination and help gain some exposure for our show. This is your chance to let horror, particularly the legions of the undead, have a voice in the Web series community, and support the many talented people who have worked on the show both in front of and behind the camera.

You can use the Streamys link to the right to nominate Semi-Dead for Best Comedy Series and Best New Web Series, but we'd also appreciate if you'd take the time to nominate some of our zombie-loving cast and crew as well! You can vote as often and as much as you like so feel free to go crazy (in a good way...not like Joe).

Thanks again for all of your love and support!


-The Semi Dead Team


Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series - Sean "Seanny O" O'Brien (Episodes 1 and 2)


Best Directing for a Comedy Web Series - Tom Flynn (Episode 3)


Best Writing for a Comedy Web Series - Chris Wiltz

Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series - Keith Arthur Bolden (Chris)


Best Male Actor in a Comedy Web Series - Andrew McMennamy (Joe)

Best Female Actor in a Comedy Web Series
- Wendy Douglas (Jessica)


Best Guest Star in a Web Series - Mike Danner (Sean)


Best Cinematography in a Web Series - Erick Crespo

Best Editing in a Web Series
- Bryan Tuck

Best Original Music in a Web Series - Andrea Chang (for the score)


Best Original Music in a Web Series - Detroit CYDI (for opening and ending themes)



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